Why should you watch Orphan Black? Well, here’s four reasons why.


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Cultural Misunderstanding and Attila the Hun


To escape a forced engagement to a senator she despised, Roman Emperor Valentinian II’s sister Honoria sent to Attila the Hun for help, by sending her engagement ring. Attila interpreted it as a marriage proposal, and asked for Rome as a dowry.


'He claims you are no woman at all but a man who hides his cock in his own arsehole.'
Missandei translating the Pissing Champion, Breaker of Chains, Game of Thrones (via vikivandalist)
Jaime in the last Game of Thrones episode…


watching Game of Thrones has really taught me to love my body, seeing these girls strip and their boobs I think they all look so beautiful naked no matter if they’re fit or not and I think that was really important for me